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Hi. It's me, Beth!

Hi. It's me, Beth!


One of the coolest things about writing is being able to start with nothing--or next to nothing--and end up with art. There are myriad combinations of words with which to create something sensational, thought-provoking, or worthy of a gut-busting laugh.

And I get to work in my favorite medium, as a creator, every day.

It makes me want to dance. So, I often do.

With an academic background in Sociology, and 10 years of nonprofit experience, my career  pushed me toward writing from the outset.

But it wasn't until life surprised me with a few changes that I learned writing was meant to be the heart of my work. 

I'm serious about helping every client tell their story, and ditch bad writing for good. To this dedication, I add a dash of humor and enthusiasm, so  every word is clear, sincere, and inviting.  I'm eager to connect, so we can make sure people are gaga for your brand.

Let's talk!